Occasionally, we do have puppies available for conformation, performance, and/or companion homes. Preference for conformation prospects will be given to homes that actively participate in conformation as well as other venues as the Rosestones breeding philosophy strives for versatile shelties. Companion shelties are available on spay/neuter contracts with limited registration. All puppies bred by Rosestones come from breeding stock that has been OFA and CERF cleared. As responsible breeders, we reserve the right to choose where our puppies go based on our evaluations. Please feel free to contact us at Rosestones_Shelties@yahoo.com to discuss your needs/wants in a sheltie puppy. If there are no puppies available, we will do our best to refer you to other reputable breeders or rescue groups.

Litter born Dec 28, 2014
Sable and White

Second litter expected Jan 1, 2015
Sable and White

e-mail Rosestones_Shelties@yahoo.com for more information

Both pictures are paintings of Rosestones puppies created by
Jeanne McNally of Shamrock Artwork.