Rosestones Texas Heat

Health Info:
OFA: Excellent
CERF: Clear at 6 weeks
VwD: Clear by parentage and Vetgen
MDR1: normal/normal
clear by parentage and WSU

Summer is the keeper out of our Grace and BISS Ch. Adair Destination breeding. We believe she combines the best qualities of both parents. She is growing up here and is futurity nominated for 2010. What a fun time she has had in the conformation ring so far. In only her second weekend out she went RWB from the 6-9 puppy class competing with 11 other bitches including some who were arleady major pointed. She earned her first point in Pine Bluff in Feb of 2010 from the BBE class under Mrs Mildred K Bryant. Summer's aptitude for learning makes her a very promising versatility prospect as well. We feel we got brains and beauty in one package.